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Making the Most of Green Tea

Ever taste green tea and think... ugh, that tastes bitter!!! Many people don't realize there are some key factors that will help to make their green tea taste better. First of all be sure you are buying a quality green tea. Know the source, be sure it is organic and packaged fresh. Using the right amount of tea leaves will allow you to make your tea to your liking, For a stronger brew add a heaping teaspoon of leaves to a teaball or tea infuser and for a lighter tasting cuppa add a modest teaspoon.

An important factor that determines whether your tea will taste bitter or smooth is the water source. The best water to use for green tea is water that is filtered to eliminate chlorine but still has natural minerals. If you do not have a water treatment system then any water as long as no chlorine is in it as it will overpower the taste.

Now here is a good tip to remember, Do Not Boil the Water! If you do your tea will taste bitter so just before the tea kettle comes to a boil remove it or boil your water and let it sit until the temp is down to around 175 degrees. Also a study published in the Journal of Food Science found that antioxidant activity is significantly affected by time and temperature of steeping. Green tea is not processed very much like black tea leaves and is very delicate so be sure to only steep for 2 -3 mins.

If you follow these rules of thumb and still not a fan of green tea but really want to be then try adding some honey, lemon juice or mint to make it enjoyable, Green tea has amazing properties for good health and offers a sustainable energy and focus. To maximize the full health benefits you should sip about 2 -3 cups of green tea a day! Wait what 2 -3 cups a day? Yes!!! The caffeine in green tea and tea in general is not like a jolt of coffee caffeine. Tea caffeine metabolizes slowly and has less amounts than coffee.

Just look at the Japan and Hong Kong with the lowest heart attack rates despite their compromised environment - and of course these two countries are the leading green tea drinkers of the world! Research has proven time and time again that drinking green tea is heart healthy along with many other health benefits, So why not drink green tea especially now that you know how to make it taste good !

Fast Fact: Many people don't realize there are some key factors that will help to make their green tea taste better .
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