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Loose Leaf Tea vs Teabags

Loose Leaf tea is whole tea leaves, flower, fruits and or herbs that can be placed in a teaball or infuser to steep. What is the difference if in teabag? First of all most teabags are made of paper with chemicals and secondly the tea that barely fills them are tea dustings (tiny pieces of tea leaves and sticks swept up after loose leaf tea is processed)

So basically it is like getting the bread crumbs and not the nice slice of bread.

Since the news spread of teabags containing chemicals and low grade tea dustings more tea companies got wiser and transitioned to using a silk teabag and filled them with loose leaf tea. However, due to the nature of the bag once placed in a hot cup of water the bag will shrink up against the tea leaves and clumps the leaves together which means the leaves cannot open and release their full flavor and antioxidants.

Teaballs do not react like a teabag and remain in shape with space allowing tea leaves to free float which then permits the leaves to release all it 's goodness. When choosing to use a teaball or infuser you can add a little more tea for a stronger steep and you can mix your teas and herbs to create your own wonderful concoction.

Steeping Loose Leaf tea is truly freeing! Many of our teaware include a tea infuser and our sample size tea pouches are equal to two servings or a small teapot or travel thermos. So no measuring needed! Still have questions or want more ideas feel free to contact us! We would love to hear from you and hope you choose to eliminate the teabags and experience a better tea!

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