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Lavender Lemonade

Customer Favorite!

Make our signature Lavender Lemonade at home!

Easy and Fun! Here is what you will need:

4 Tsp Butterfly Pea Flowers

4 Tsp Lavender Buds

or 2 Small Pouch of Lavender Blue (Lavender and Butterfly Flowers)

1 large Tea ball




How to make this magical drink!

Add Butterfly Flowers and Lavender Buds into a large tea ball or tea infuser. If you do not have a large tea ball, fill two small tea balls. If you do not have tea balls or an infuser. You can use a fine mesh strainer to catch the tea flowers when pouring our the finished steep!

Hot Method: In a pan heat up 32 ounces cold filtered water and bring to a boil ; remove from burner and place tea ball or infuser or loose flowers and buds into pan, let steep for 5 minuets and remove tea balls, infuser or strain flowers and buds. Let cool to room temperature then steep will be ready, store in refrigerator up to 2 -3 days

Cold Method: Fill a pitcher with 32 ounces of cold filtered water and place in filled tea balls, infuser or loose leaf flowers and buds. Place in refrigerator for 8-12 hours, remove tea balls, infuser or strain flowers and buds, steep is ready to use

How to Serve

Fill your glass with ice and pour lemonade 3/4 up leaving 1/4 room to your pour blue steep. Slowly pour blue steep over the lemonade and watch it magically turn purple!

Any extra Blue Steep can be frozen or made into ice cubes!

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