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Mocktail Teas

Mix it up! A variety of teas, fruits, herbs and spices can create a beautiful drink!

Try our Tea Lime Ricky for a huge antioxidant and energy boost!

By the Glass

1. Add to your infuser or tea ball

2 tsp of Tangerine (white leaf tea) Or Raspberry (green leaf tea) and place into 4 oz. of hot (not boiled water) for 3 mins. Then remove tea ball or infuser.

2. While steeping, in small bowl muddle some fresh raspberries drizzled with honey.. Keep some extra raspberries aside

3. When steep is ready and cool pour into 8 oz glass filled with ice, add in muddle raspberries and extra whole raspberries

4. Add 1 -2 tsp of lime juice and stir

5. Fill remainder of glass with unflavored seltzer water

(if you need this sweeter then add lime soda or add some sweetener in 4 oz of hot water when steeping tea

Garnish and enjoy!

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