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How to Make Loose Leaf Tea

Most Important

Start with filling your teapot or pan with fresh cold filtered water

 (Chlorine and contaminates will change the taste and health benefit of your tea)


~See proper water temperatures and steep times for each kind of tea.

Tea by the Cup;  add 1 Tsp. of loose leaf tea or (half of a Tea Pouch)

 into a tea ball and place into a 6 - 8 oz. cup.  Pour hot water and steep.

Remove tea ball and enjoy! 

Tea by the Pot;  add 2 -3 Tsps. of loose tea into the infuser and place into a

  16 oz. teapot or (one full Tea Pouch), add hot water and steep.

*Optional; remove infuser 

Tea to Go;  add 2 Tsps. of loose leaf tea or (one full Tea Pouch) directly into HMS

to go paper cup or into the infuser of a 16 oz. Tea Thermos

Add hot water and leave tea leaves in until tea is gone.

~Tea leaves can be safely disposed down your drain with disposal or added to your compost


Water Temperature and Steep Time

For White and Green Tea

Never Boil water for white and green tea. 

These leaves are minimally processed and boiled water is too hot

for these delicate leaves. Boiled water will destroy the healthy properties

 in your leaves and could cause your tea to taste bitter. 


Water should not reach temperatures higher than 185 degrees. 

If you do not have a temperature controlled water kettle or water thermometer

then take off your water pot or tea kettle when you first see steam and before

water starts to bubble.  ~White and Green tea leaves should steep only 1 -3 mins.  

For Black Teas and Herbals

Because they are not tender like white or green leaves, black and herbal teas need

water that comes to a good boil.  Steep time for both black and herbal teas are 3 -5 mins.

The longer you steep the stronger the taste. 

It is ok to re steep for a second or even third cup by reducing the steeping time. 

However each steep will taste a bit different! 

1434493043 (2).png
Another Way to Steep Tea Leaves! 
Use an Aberdeen and is easy to use and lots of fun too! 
Add 2 Tsps. of loose leaf tea or (one full Tea Pouch)

For Hot Tea 

Just add tea leaves directly into Aberdeen, pour in hot water and steep.  Then place over cup to dispense!

Tip:  be sure to check amount of water pouring into your cup by lifting up and checking to see if getting close to rim to avoid overflowing!  - Or measure the water you pour into the aberdeen to match size of your teacup

For Cold Brew Tea

Simply add leaves and fresh filtered cold water into your Aberdeen, place in refrigerator for 8 - 12 hours.  Now ready to be dispensed over your glass for an infused Iced Tea!

Cold brew is a better tasting iced tea!  Give it a try! 

Aberdeens make great gifts!

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